Ditched Cable TV  

Posted by Adam and Nicole

Well I made the decision to ditch our cable for good. I have recently decided to strictly go with Netflix and Hulu Plus. I pay $12.99 for Netflix and $9.99 for Hulu. This is compared to my $69.99 a month for cable. I have been more than happy with my choice. Oh course having a Home theater PC does make it easier to do. If you haven't had a chance to check out HULU plus check it out at www.hulu.com. Every six months I am looking for new ways to save money and this is definitely the flavr of the week.


Posted by Adam and Nicole

Oh were to start. After 2 years of being manhandled by the worst company in business today I have finally given up the ghost on Qwest's so called "Spirit of Service." My story starts when I made the mistake of going with the CHEAPER internet. Little did I know is cheaper meant screw up my bill for 1 year, tell me it's my fault, shut off my internet on accident when they thought I hadn't paid my bill, lie to me over the phone, try to charge me $300 when I canceled for a contract I never signed and then claim they took care of me. I wont go into much more detail for time sake and for fear of dropping the F-bomb. Some people make goals to lose weight, stop smoking or even show more love. Well I have decided to do just that. I am going to show Qwest the love they showed me, because they deserve at least that much. Please comment to this post about your nightmarish experiences with Qwest and lets do our part. Please forward my Blog to anyone you know to spread the word that cheaper always means just that. Cheaper service, cheaper care, cheaper concern and cheaper support. Lets put the mud back in the swine pit.

You Can See Thru My Cloths?  

Posted by Adam and Nicole

So some of you may read the news once in a while. If you haven't let me introduce you to the body scanner. This thing is designed to basically see through your clothing in order to check for contraband. Lately it has been causing quite an uproar at the Airports. The argument seems to be that it is an invasion of privacy. It seems funny to me that people wine and cry when some goofball terrorist sneaks on a plane and lights his panties on fire. But yet we also seem to pout when the airport tries to do something about it. Yes I understand the current system is flawed and adding expensive scanners probably wont solve the problem. However, don't complain about your plane blowing up when your not willing to have some 45 yr old over weight security guard take a look at your goods for 2 seconds. I see this going a pretty much 1 way ways. You have the choice to fly, that is your freedom. When you ride the coasters at Disney land you give up the right to do what you want. You don't follow the rules they boot you from the ride. You want to fly, follow the rules and get on the plane. If scanning your tiddly bits is a rule then so be it. I take that any day over the Taliban setting off a blue dart in my face. For all you flyers out there, have a happy flight and a cancer filled X-ray scan.


Posted by Adam and Nicole

I have to say after last nights UFC fight I feel a little like Heath Herring here after the Lesnar fight. Last night was the first time the UFC allowed live streaming from there website. At least I thought it was going to be the first time. The website ended up being down or messed up even 3 hours after the fight started. Needless to say this is just another reason for me to care less and less about a sport that continually gets more irritating. Another prime example is this season of the Ultimate fighter. After Kimbo Slice got eliminated every commercial for every new episode advertises the he may fight again. obviously this was just a publicity stunt because it is the end of the season and he is still benched. Honestly I hope Tito Ortiz got his annoying blonde hair Huntington Beach butt kicked but for some reason after not being able to watch it last night because of their technical difficulties I don''t really care.

Facebook out Blogging back in!!  

Posted by Adam and Nicole

So today I decided to deactivate my Facebook account. Yes, some wont agree with my decision or with my reasons for doing so but allow me to explain. To sum up my feelings I believe it is a huge waste of time and energy. If the only way you want to communicate is through Facebook then honestly our relationship probably isn't worth salvaging. If I mean something to you pick up a phone or shoot me an email. Better yet post a comment on my Blog :) Let me give you a short list of considerations for deactivating your account.

1. The name, Really who thought of that? I have never seen a dude with a book on his face. If I ever did though he sure would deserve to have a website named in his honor.

2. As pointed out by my older and bigger brother " instead of getting spam in your inbox you can visit facebook and get the same results on a web page." Could facebook have more worthless advertisements? Lose 100 pounds in 5 minutes, Find a companion in your area, Work from home etc. etc

3. People, do you think we care that "your back hurts today." "I didn't sleep last night." "I am having a rough day today." Isn't that what that other dumb website is for...let me think....twitter oh ya.

I could really go on for days. If you like Facebook more power to you. You wont ever catch me on that dude with a book face's website again. Good day and Good night.


Posted by Adam and Nicole

SO as you all heard on my family Blog that I am in full blown Swine quarentine. Wow this thing sucks. I haven't had the regular Flu in a while so I am not sure how much worse it is but it is Thursday and I started feeling like crap Monday. I swear when I feel better I am going to eat nothing but PORK products just to get them back. I hate laying in bed and being worthless. I just want to snuggle my freakin kids and wife. I have missed 3 days of work, working out and softball. I feel like a Swine for sure.

10 Reasons Why Loving My Wife Is Easy!  

Posted by Adam and Nicole

I would like to share a list of just a few reasons why my wife makes it so easy to love her. Keep in mind there are far to many to list so I will merely attemp to give you a snapshot of my blissfull surroundings.
10. She dares to be home and raise our 2 insanley handsome and hyperactive boys.
9. She is a hotty! I mean for goodness sakes have you seen my wife.
8. How many men can say they come home to a hot,fresh and homemade meal everynight. I think she is secretly trying to make me fat.
7. She gets my sense of humor and even has some of it herself. Well I pretty much have to love someone that gets my sense of humor because there are so few that do.
6. She always has the house spotless when I get home so that all I have to do is wreste the boys until the are worn out.
5. She supports me in my calling and is always pushing me to do even better.
4. She rights in her journal every night so we can remember all of the fun times and goofy things are kids say.
3. She is such a good example to the boys and I by reading her scriptures everynight no matter the situation and saying her daily prayers.
2. She never complains. She is always so willing to go out of her way for others without whining about it.
1. She is so tender hearted. I love her sweetness, loving attitude, kindness, selflessness, charm, and most of all that rump.
I hope all of us can take the time to show our wifes how much they mean to us. I promise no matter how much you do it is never enough to make up for what they do for us. Nicole you are the love of my life and will always be number 1 in my book.